Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5th September - 8th September: Leh


The days prior to the trek spent in Leh have been fairly relaxed (as they tend to be in this part of the world). We have basically just spent our time wandering around seeing a few of the sites such as the Tsemo Gompa perched up above the palace overlooking central Leh and some traditional dances performed by the local monks.
We caught a polo game which was ridiculously dangerous and hilarious as the players did not seem to have any control over where the hit the ball and dogs, cars and spectators where considered merely obstacles that were fair game to be trampled or hit with the rock hard ball!
A highlight has been the 7th birthday party of one of the girls of the family who run Oriental Guesthouse. All the guests were invited and free booze was provided along with a massive feast!
We have booked our trek up Stok Kangri and have been mentally preparing ourselves for the challenge ahead :)

Interesting Ladakhi

Traditional Dancing

Fruit Market in Leh

Leh Palace

Sheena wearing her party hat at the birthday party!

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