Friday, October 2, 2009

15th September – 20th September Leh Still & Delhi

After having returned from the trek, we ate kebabs and drank beer out of tea pots referred to as special tea so as to hide the fact a Muslim restaurant was serving alcohol.

We did manage to organise a trip up to Khardung La which at 5600m is the highest motorable pass in the world!

Khardung La

After saying goodbye to all the friendly staff at Oriental Guesthouse, we then caught the early flight to Delhi.

In Delhi we spent the day mooching about relaxing in air conditioned coffee shops as our train ride to Uttarakhand (location of volunteer work) wasn’t till the evening. However the day did have some drama! We needed to go to the bank and when we got there we noticed it was surrounded by monkeys... lots of monkeys… I (Simon) thought they were cute and we walked past them with out any problems. On our way out of the bank, we unintentionally scared one of the baby monkeys and it ran away screaming… that set the other big monkeys into a rage and they all came running towards us snarling! We both turned and ran back towards the bank, however Sheena was a little slower than the monkeys and one managed to catch her and caught a hold of her skirt! Luckily the beast fell off without managing to bite or scratch her leg, so Sheena avoided a lot of pain and a lot of rabies shots… So after hiding in the bank for 5 minutes, the kind bank staff escorted us out with a big stick and we managed to get to refuge safe and sound… We are now monkeyphobic..

now to go do something useful…

Scrabble: Sheena 4 – Simon 2

Squabble: Sheena 6 – Simon 3

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