Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4th October – 25th October: Aarohi

Village Life
We have now been living in our village for five weeks which is exactly half way through the stay! Time is flying and we cannot believe we have been here this long. Not too much is happening, no new sights to be seen, no new food to be eaten (except for the locally brewed whiskey which tastes surprisingly okay and some other local produce), no new people to meet. In a way this sounds boring, but it is really nice to be settled somewhere and feel like we have a home. Simon was really happy when the family bought a dog... the dog lasted 2 days then ran away. Noone but Simon seemed to care.
Each day is interesting in it’s own way. Simon has actually learnt some hindi, and although he says he doesn’t know much his communication isn’t too bad considering. That said, most of the communication does involve the children and us exchanging insults and calling each other names (in fun way). My name is ‘unda’, which means egg and Simon’s name is now lokhi (which is kind of like a zucchini). Though, the oldest girl does call us idiot a lot. We call her pagal. So does her mother.

We recently celebrated Diwali (Indias Christmas essentially) which was fun and involved blowing up fireworks and drinking whisky! A good combination.

Happy Diwali!

In terms of work, Simon has done a visit of the surrounding villages and is now creating building manual based on these designs. I am still analyzing nutritional data and now thinking about writing some recipes! The work is slow but we feel like we are now getting somewhere and may hopefully be able to achieve something useful.

The food is still nice, but I have to admit starting to get a little tiring. I really look forward to our packet maggi noodles and packet pastas when we have them. Who would’ve thought my standards would drop so much.

Finally a big congratulations to the two good friends who just got engaged (you know who you are….if you are reading this). It’s great to get such good news even if it does feel a bit weird sitting here in the middle of nowhere!

That’s all for now.
Someone get me a cheeseburger.

Scrabble Sheena: Lots
Simon: A few less

Sheena: Lots
Simon: Not far behind

The view on the way to work

Cuzbo being cute again

Anita and a local friend stacking the hay for the winter months

Whisky and cards

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